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We have clients that have been with us for over 20 years. That says a lot about of quality of work and customer service.

We perform new installations, upgrades and service and repair existing ones. The scope of our work covers security cameras, phone systems, file servers and desktops and all types of low voltage cable installations.

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We specialize in business startups


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IT Services for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

CompuData Solutions is a technology company located in Davie Florida devoted to making the integration of high tech into your business an easy and rewarding experience through the use of Microsoft Technologies such as Office, SQL Server and Small Business Servers.

Let us show you how you can take control of your information through the efforts of automating your business processes with computers.

Here at CompuData Solutions we pride ourselves in providing systems that are powerful enough to handle your workload, and simple enough not to increase it.

If you need help with your file servers, desktop computers, network service, CCTV video security, entry access, VOIP phone system or Cable Management let us show you how we can help.

CompuData Solutions offers you a complete list of IT services and specialize on small business start ups.

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You provide the challenges and

we provide ideas and solutions.

No matter what your needs are from software to hardware we are confident that we will provide the best solution for you as we have all our other clients.

Everything starts out from the installation. The installation is the basis for any healthy system. Whether you have an existing one or are planning an upgrade or new installation we have you covered.

Beyond that, we focus on how your needs are addressed by incorporating your business logic into your design.

Once you are passed the installation we can continue to maintain your network either in person or remotely in the background and scheduling system maintenance during your off hours so when you need to get to work your system is as ready as you are.

Contact us today and see how we can help you make a change for the better in your business.

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