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We have clients that have been with us for over 20 years. That says a lot about of quality of work and customer service.

We perform new installations, upgrades and service and repair existing ones. The scope of our work covers security cameras, phone systems, file servers and desktops and all types of low voltage cable installations.

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Over the years (since 1986  to be exact) CompuData Solutions has built up expertise in Microsoft software platforms in a whole range of proven and emerging technologies. Our mix of skills along with our extensive experience and business understanding enables development for both large and small application projects with relative ease. We have our own standards and best practices that we follow to speedup our development process while insuring industry standards.

As you may know every business is unique even with in the same industry and sometimes “Off the Shelf” software does not meet your specific requirements.  Running your business on software not only specifically designed for your industry but the way you want to run your business is key.  A properly designed software platform is like having an extra pair of hands and eyes at your disposal. Let us design your system and start managing your business at the click of a button.

Software Development

Here's a brief step process of how we provide our software development services:


In this stage, we will work with you and or your project team to analyze the initial project plan, identify key needs and features related to both your industry and your specific business, build a prototype sample, and examine the project's potential impact on your current organization - both technically and at a business level. This collaboration helps us anticipate any challenges and plan accordingly to insure the software is not only a value but true fit to your business.


In the Development stage, our professionals work with your development team to define the existing workflow rules and business logic and ensure that the final product will support all your business processes. We then design the system architecture and information systems that implement and automate that logic while keeping in mind that all our software offerings are able to expand for the future.


In the final stages, we execute actual Deployment, testing and tuning of the new system. We work closely with your team throughout the entire progress so that the transition of knowledge and technology takes place smoothly with as little disruption to your daily process as possible.

We have successfully developed software for the following industries

* Healthcare * Wholesale * Telecommunications * Accounting *

* Meeting Symposiums * Engine Blueprint * Apparel Manufacturing *

* Research & Development * Inventory Management * Production Control *

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Here are some examples of the projects that we have done for our clients,

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