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About Us

We know how business works. We’ve spent years researching the subject, which allows us to engineer software systems that fit the people and businesses that use them. By customizing the software systems to how you specifically run your business we can insure a platform that works on the same level as you.

Here at CompuData Solutions we are a technology company devoted to making the integration of high tech into your business an easy and rewarding experience through the use of Microsoft Technologies such as Office, Windows, SQL Server and Small Business Servers. Let us show you how you can take control of your information through the efforts of automating your business processes with technology.

Instead of putting out fires, you can focus on ways you can deploy new technologies that benefit your customer service and make a name for your self in your industry.

Here at CompuData Solutions we pride ourselves in providing systems that are powerful enough to handle your workload, and simple enough not to increase it.

Personally I have been managing computer systems since 1985, that is 24 years of solid industry background. We think besides fair prices and hard word honesty is key. Our customer base has grown to more than just Florida and we have contracts in California, Texas, New York, Louisiana and Connecticut.

Since our beginnings we have been involved with web design and custom design software and have specialized in business automation. With almost a quarter century of experience in software development and project management we have already developed solutions for many businesses.

We specialize in computer  software and hardware, network management, installation maintenance and repair, security video and audio, VOIP, phone and PBX installations and voice network expansions, Web site design and database development.

Contact us today and find out how CompuData Solutions can help you meet your business goals.

You don't need to manage your IT