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If there is one constant beating drum in this industry it’s  “Backup, Backup, Backup!

And yes it is true, the great majority don’t do their first backup until they have lost everything first…

While we are still for the most part using hard drives with spinning disks and dc motors and motor controllers the main question is not “If the drive will fail” it is “When the drive fails”.

 The truth of the matter is that ALL HARD DRIVES WILL FAIL!

Offsite Backup

Don’t think that the only time that a backup will save the day is when a disk drive fails. Suppose you have a fire, flood or a theft? Your server, data and backup could all be gone in minutes. Not true if you implement an off-site backup system.

With an off-site backup system your data is tagged at the moment it changes and queued to have an encrypted copy transmitted to a Web-Farm in another state. There is also no need to shuttle backup media back and forth from home.

We maintain a 24/7 notice of the status of your backup software and data. We also utilize a multiple media method. We use a local media nightly backup along with a 24/7 off-site backup. The local backup makes restored data a quick task, when that is not an option as in the image to the right the off-site data restore can get all your data back on to a replacement server.

As a pay-as-you-go service, Backup gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it. Backup is designed to be cost effective whether you’re interested in short- or long-term retention. And, you can restore virtual machines or individual files and folders—in Azure or on-premises—as needed, for free.

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