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We have clients that have been with us for over 20 years. That says a lot about of quality of work and customer service.

We perform new installations, upgrades and service and repair existing ones. The scope of our work covers security cameras, phone systems, file servers and desktops and all types of low voltage cable installations.

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We can automate and integrate business logic through project development of Microsoft Access databases and integration of Excel and Word by harnessing the power of the Visual Basic platform that MS Office is built upon.

We develop just about any business application while integrating business logic that is specific to your business and how you need to manage your data rather than you conforming to someone else’s idea of how you should run your business.


You do not need to know anything about coding, MS Office applications or anything other than how you want to manage your data and business. We analyze your workflow and business logic and create the application that you can test side by side with your existing operations so you are in complete control of the final look and feel of the application and are completely familiar with it by it’s final version and release.

Contact Us now and request a brief review of what it takes to get you setup. No annoying sales calls or spam.

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We have developed applications for many industries such as Medical and Dental Offices, Warehouse and Inventory Management, FAA Repair Facilities, Property Management, Medical Symposiums Management, Construction, IT Operations, Textile Manufacturing and many others.

Whatever your business or industry we can help you take control of your data, minimize down time and take steps to minimize human error cause by repetitive minimal tasks.

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